by a Tulsa Wedding Photographer

A wedding without a doubt is one of the most important days of your life. It is the day that everything changes and you embark on a brand new adventure with your new partner in crime. It is a day worth remembering and the best way to remember anything is to capture it on film.

But before you hire just any Tulsa wedding photographer off the street there are some things you need to know.

Know Your Style

Every bride is different. She brings her own personality and her own style into every detail. When you sit down with a photographer make sure you have examples of the style you want. The photography style should compliment your vision and the style of the wedding.

Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget is very important! The last thing you want is to waste your time with a photographer who doesn’t fit within your price range. Knowing how much you want to spend will allow you to narrow your search and find a photographer quicker.

Know The Packages

You need to know what comes with each package the photographer offers. How much time do you get? Will they arrive early? Do you get a digital copy of the photos? Do you get the rights to photos? How many shooters do you get? Be sure to ask about the details of each package so you know exactly what you are paying for! Check our’s out here.

Know Their Skill Level

Before you ever write a check make sure you see examples of past wedding shoots from the photographer. Ask them to show you weddings they’ve shot in the past. This allows you to get a feel for the type of photos they will produce for you. If you don’t feel good about the quality or the style, walk away. The last thing you want is to be disappointed every time you pull out these pictures and look back on them.

Know How They Are With People

This photographer is going to be with you the entire day of your wedding. They are going to be talking to your family, your friends, and interacting with your guests. Take notice of how they speak to you, your partner, and your mother. You want a photographer who can not only take great photos but who can also communicate with people professionally. This is half the battle on the day of the wedding.


That’s it! These things you need to know as you hunt for your ideal photographer.

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