Nov 17, 2016

by a Tulsa Wedding Photographer

Your Story

This is your story. It is the next chapter and the turning of a new page. You are passing over the threshold of what you’ve always known and are now embarking on a exciting new journey. This next step is going to take you through the unknown door you see before you. It is now finally time.

For our photographers, it is more than just capturing images. It’s the ability to collect the moments that make up the day and then piece them together to tell your story. Photography enables you to relive this wonderful day, the day that changes everything. Every smile, every tear, and every tender moment contributes to that story and deserves to be captured.

Step by Step

We want to enjoy the day. Step by step and moment by moment. But we understand it’s impossible to remember everything that happened and unfortunately there are things you will miss. That is where we come in. We focus on making sure that everything is captured and presented back to you so you are able to relive those moments. As you’re sitting there, with your love and partner for life, you both are able to flip through the memories of a day that changed everything.

JAG Photography wants you to experience your day over and over again. As you look through the pictures over the years, you may see things you hadn’t before. A smile from a family member, a laugh from a close friend or detail that you had forgotten about. It gives you a chance to relive the day but also reminds you of why you go married in the first place.

We want to be apart of capturing and preserving your day. We want to be apart of reminding you of when you decided to take that next step in your life. Our team wants to collect your moments.

Tulsa Wedding Photographers

JAG Digital Photography focuses on providing the top wedding photography to ensure your day lasts forever.

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