Dec 7, 2016

by a Tulsa Wedding Photographer

A Reflection of You

Your wedding is a reflection of you. Every color, every flower, and every detail is telling the story of who you are and where you are going. When the guests arrive and walk to find their seats the goal is to ensure that they see you in every detail.

Every bride is different, each with her own unique personality and personal style. A wedding is the opportunity to show that and the opportunity for our team to capture it. We focus on capturing the details that matter to you and provide you with a portfolio of incredible shots that encompass who you are as a woman, a bride, and as a person.

For those who pay attention to the details of the wedding, they have the privilege seeing the who the bride is. Whether the ceremony takes place outdoors, in a house, or a small church that sits on top of the hill, it is a description of the bride is. And we want that description to be reflective within every photo taken.

In Every Moment

We love connection. We love the opportunity to get to know the bride and groom beforehand to truly understand their love story. It enables us to walk alongside them and capture this remarkable next step in their love story. We believe that by understanding who the bride is, we have the understanding of how the photos should be taken. From the angle to the editing style.

Each time you pull out the photos from your wedding, you should see personally. You should see yourself in every moment captured. We capture who you are and who you are becoming as you take that next step towards in this great adventure. A wedding is your chance to show the world who you are and inviting them to see it.

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