Jan 6, 2017

by a Tulsa Wedding Photographer

One of the most important things that we do is remind our brides that this is their day. Putting together a wedding can be a lot of work and is a lot of work. But can you guess what the most stressful aspect can be? Choosing colors? Picking out flowers? Finding a photographer? While all of these things can be stressful that is not the answer. It is your friends and family.

Trust Us

We know what you’re thinking and we know there is part of you that doesn’t believe us but trust us. It is true that your friends and family love you but it is also true that each of them will have their own opinions about the most important day of your life.

Everyone is going to want to throw in their two cents about the colors, the flowers, the bridal party line up, the invitations, the music, the cake…everything. We know you love your friends and family but at the end of the day it is YOUR WEDDING. This is your day and the day you’ve dreamed about for a very long time.

Remember that the only thing that matters is that YOU ARE HAPPY with it. These are memories, moments, and pictures you will have to live with for the rest of your life, not your friends and not your family.

Remember It’s Your Day

So when you feel overwhelmed by the opinions coming from every direction, from your mother, from your maid of honor, and from your aunt that you only see twice a year, remember that this is your day. Remember that this is your wedding and remember that it’s all about you.

A wedding should always be about what the bride wants and we want to make sure that she remembers that from day one. Accept the opinions and the thoughts that line up with your vision but discard the rest. Focus on what matters to you and what is important to you.

This isn’t their wedding. This is your wedding and it should be everything you’ve always wanted.

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