What do I wear?!

At JAG Digital our Tulsa Wedding Photographers have seen some of the best, and some, that have not been so great with dress code. We want your photos to be perfect, because this is YOUR engagement session. It’s not always having the best lighting, or even the best photographer, but it has to do with what you and your partner are wearing. We want to show in your photos that you are comfortable, able to move around, and we want to show your love to one another.

“We had so much fun with them and they really know how to make the entire experience enjoyable and stress free.”


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Their is quite a bit riding on the engagement photos (and your wedding photos). You will have them forever and people tend to use them for the wedding invites and the “save the dates”. JAG Digital’s Tulsa wedding photographers have come up with a few tips that will help you get the exact look you are going for.

1. You do not have to match perfectly, but find something common in your clothing that will give your photos the same color palette feel.

2. With a neutral color, a simple background, a good pair of heels, and a pose like this will help show you off. This will allow your personality to POP!

3. If you want photos that are close up, our Tulsa Wedding Photographers recommend a beautiful necklace to balance out a lower-cut neckline. This will add interest to the photo, and it wont upstage the ring

4. If you are wanting to show off a part of your body (like shoulders) DO IT! Have fun! With a shorter hemline and nude pumps, you can keep your leg line even longer.

5. Everyone loves to dress up, so if you have a favorite dress, top, or go-to color then bring it, and we can incorporate it in your photos. If you feel comfortable it will show and look more natural on camera.

6) A dress that flows, like a hi-lo, can be perfect at the right angles. Another good one is a asymmetrical hemline. It will look great with a shot of you walking off in the distance.

7. If you are wanting to have an active or playful shoot outdoors, let your clothes have a easy vibe. Examples are you being lifted or carried, but still having that “coverage” lol. Do not be afraid to stick with what works.

8. You want your photos to be a reflection on who you two are. If you are both outdoorsy type of people, then show that off by both of you in comfortable clothing, this again is slightly coordinated.

9. We want you to save your wedding dress for your big day. However their is something just so romantic about wearing a beautiful white dress. You could say that this is foreshadowing the day to come.

10. A simple lace dress, with some fringe that moves or a tulle skirt is all going to look great in photos.

11. A shot from the back can be just a stunning as the front, especially when you have details to show off.

12. The setting can play a huge part as well. So with your outfits ask your Tulsa wedding photographer and discuss locations that will work best with you both.

13. Don’t worry about feeling like you are in the spotlight. If he wants to wear a neutral, go ahead and get into some color, the contrast will look great and beautiful on camera.

14. Number one, just make sure you are comfortable and happy with your outfits. It will show when you do. It will also show when you don’t. Make sure to leave your insecurities at home and focus on the love you and your partner share, plus have fun!

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